Heal Your Past Process – Cleaning up your memories

What are negative emotions?
Examples of negative emotions are: anger, hatred, rage, fear, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt, remorse, jealousy envy. They are not necessarily negative and could be even healthy when they are expressed in certain circumstances. For example, if you see a car driven recklessly heading towards you the fear you might feel is most appropriate as it will make you run for safety. If a relationship breaks down it is appropriate to feel the sadness, hurt , guilt or anger when it first happens, but if you still feel those emotions when you revisit that memory after 10 or 20 year later then it becomes inappropriate and unhealthy. Often painful emotionally charged events/experiences in our lives may result in making unhealthy beliefs or decisions about ourselves or the world around us, limiting us from moving on with our lives. So every time you revisit that memory you will respond to it as if the event is happening now in the present.

Why should you clear them?
Negative emotions over a period time are harmful and could lead to chronic stress and dis-ease of both the mind and body. Emotions whether positive or negative results in a chemical reaction inside the body, because your mind and body are connected. Every time you replay the memory and associate into the emotions your body gets flooded with these chemical substances. That is not all, the emotions are organised in emotional chains or gestalts. No problem with the positive emotions, but If we take unresolved anger for instance, if the person experience another event that causes them to feel angry, the whole chain of anger may get triggered. Road rage is an example of this.

Marion Dias specialise in assisting people to heal up their memories and eliminate negative emotions and unhealthy beliefs and decisions from their memories, so that they can plan their future and live fully in the present. She uses her own integrated therapeutic process Negative Emotions Release Therapy™ (NERT) she has developed over eighteen years of practice as a therapist and trainer. She often refers to it as Healing Your Past process.

How does it work?
Marion describes the session a follows: It is a one day process (up to six hours). When a client books a Healing Your Past session, a questionnaire is sent out for completion so that I can ascertain and fully prepare for the session to address the client’s specific needs. On the day, first I take a detailed personal history paying attention to the client’s words and behaviours particularly when they relate emotionally charged event’s in their life. I also observe and note any negative emotions that come up including any unhealthy beliefs/decisions. This enables me to decide the therapeutic intervention needed. Usually, it involves a combination drawn from: NLP (Neuro Linguistics), Time Line Therapy™, Energy Healing (Hawaiian Huna, EMDR, TFT/EFT and Reiki.
You can also attend my 3 day workshop Heal Your Past & Design Your Future held in May – Nerja and June: in Marbella.

In Part 2 of Heal Your Past, Marion will present a recent case study of a 32 year old lady who had a severe OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) for 30 years of her life as well as weighing more than eighteen stone.

Marion Dias BSc (Honours) Clinical Hypnosis and a certified trainer and Master Practitioner of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy™; and Energy Healing since 1997. Marion is also the author of: Why Did The Cancer Disappear which documents her experience of successfully overcoming cancer using her skills. As well as therapy (by appointment), Marion runs several personal healing and empowerment workshops in Nerja Malaga and Marbella.

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