Learning through horses

EQuiReflect is a highly effective, engaging and enjoyable method, of discovering and rapidly understanding where and how to implement positive change and growth in many areas and aspects of your life/relationships/work. Emotional Intelligence is the focus. Horses are the tool… the master teachers.

Because they are a prey animal, to survive, horses have highly developed senses and instinct. They react with incredible awareness and sensitivity to feelings, attitudes, behaviour, energy projection, intentions and body language and they mirror or feed back immediately what they feel to the participant with incredible accuracy…an accuracy that is honest, un-bias and non-judgemental. This can make acceptance and absorption of things we need to face and change a lot more approachable! Horses also have individual characters and traits just like humans which means different horse characters can be paired with different human characters to reflect certain relationships for example.

EquiReflect uses specifically designed tasks to undertake with the horses (generally on foot). The horses’ responses and reflections with participants during these interactions, present insight and opportunities that the participant can choose to work with. This kind of personal insight is comparable to looking into a mirror that truly reflects the soul, not just the masks we consciously or subconsciously wear or the personas we portray.

Participants gain knowledge and skills how to use what they learn with the horse to achieve positive change and growth in life circumstances, in a natural, non abrasive way. By practicing with the horses´ interaction and reflections, participants learn effectively how to adjust and balance their own emotions/energy output, approach, attitude and actions or response whilst working in the realms of instant accountability; an extremely easy to understand and therefore rapid learning ground.

Participants are also presented with opportunities to practice and improve their problem solving skills and making effective decisions, develop insight, judgement, patience, communication and leadership skills. The EQuiReflect sessions teach participants the means and value of care giving, cooperation, teamwork, leadership and responsibility, respect, trust, motivation and achievement, assertiveness, confidence and understanding and communicating with others better…and this is just the tip of the iceberg as no two sessions are ever the same!

Horses are able to teach us, amongst many other fascinating things, authenticity and remaining centred and focused… skills that when regularly practiced and brought to the forefront of who we really are and what we truly need to express, can bring positive change and growth in our lives in substantial and significant ways.

EQuiReflect can be simply a fun day out trying something new… or a deeply touching and educational personal learning experience that provides an experiential pathway to powerful positive change in many aspects of our daily lives… it is suitable for everyone….and there are benefits for everyone!!
No prior experience with horses is needed. Even being nervous around horses is not a barrier. EQuiReflect can gently help you overcome your fears.

EQuiReflect is usually conducted on foot, but can also be mounted if participants wish. Activities can be arranged for individuals, couples or groups. You can book an hour, or several, a whole day or even a weekend clinic.

One of the aims of EQuiReflect is to facilitate understanding and mastering the skills of Emotional Intelligence, to guide and support the valuable process of increasing awareness, intent, purpose and conscious actions as these are factors that shape our daily lives, our world and our experience of it.

Developing Emotional Intelligence develops fresh new kinds of conversations and interactions, enhances self-reflection, deep thinking, and facilitates useful skill- learning and practice. Integrating this into our lives allows us to build more effective approaches to dealing with daily challenges. This work can benefit individuals, families, schools, teams, organisations and communities.

EQuiReflect: some of The Self Development Benefits
*Observe, understand and manage the power of emotions and body language in a whole new way having learned experientially how understanding and applying them better can positively affect life/ relationships/work.
*Be given fascinating and effective tools to explore how to be calm, assertive, take positive control and become a confident, effective, positive leader.
*Learn how to find the most effective ways of combating overwhelming moments of annoyance, doubt, frustration etc and handle challenging situations in a calm way with confidence.
*Raise self esteem, self confidence, self awareness and self worth and achieve an inspiring sense of accomplishment.
*Find new ways to work through old traumas
*Increase Social skills
* Learn to problem solve and overcome fears and obstacles

EQuiReflect also provides the ideal environment to explore and then take away with you, the benefits of allowing a time and space in your life for creative expression, flexibility, hopefulness, intuition, motivation, positive partnerships, playfulness and relaxation.


EQuiReflect is based at “La Finca” Centro Equestre, just outside Alhaurin el Grande on the Coin- Alhaurin el Grande road (A-404) km 3.5.
Contact Naia on 600 728 188 or email naia@equireflect.com for more details and bookings. Prices start from just €20 per hour p/p in group sessions.

EQuiReflect is ideal for:
Adult learning for life
An educational, fun, Family Activity
Anyone seeking effective but fun self development
Community Members, Community Groups
Developing EQ
Education (schools/clubs/university/ associations)
Equine Trainers and anyone who has an interest in horses
Those who like outdoor pursuits / nature / trying new things
Occupational Therapists
Over activity
Physical Therapists
Psychologists, Psychiatrists
Recovery Coaches
Releasing stress
Social Workers
Special Needs
Special Education
Spiritual development
Team Building
Troubled Teenagers
Try / Learn something new
Therapy Aid
Youth in Care /Foster / Respite,
Youth development (improve their self-esteem, confidence and leadership skills.)

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