Manifesting the largest and most beautiful Yoga Hall in Europe, here in Andalucia!

Vidya Heisel is a modern Yogini who has been studying, teaching and practicing yoga for forty years and is the Director of Suryalila Retreat Centre in Villamartin, Andalucia.

Her first spiritual teacher Osho used to say, “expect the impossible before breakfast” and she has always taken that quite literally by dreaming big ideas. She sincerely believe that anything and everything is possible if you put your mind to it, and it was this attitude that led to her living in gorgeous Andalusia, in Southern Spain, running Suryalila, a stunningly beautiful Yoga Retreat Centre, and holding most of her Yoga Teachers Trainings here. It’s real and amazing and it’s just the beginning.

Her bigger vision has always been to create a perfect, state-of-the art, Yoga Hall – a space of exquisite beauty, to celebrate this amazing practice; a magnificent Yoga Temple; a place of dreams. So now three years after they opened, this is what she is currently very busy manifesting.

They have just initiated a project on Indiegogo called The Be One Om Dome Yoga Project, which is a crowd-funding platform to finance this dream. You can see the site here

This fundraiser will finance the building of a large Geodisic Dome for use as a Yoga Hall at Suryalila, their Beautiful Yoga Retreat Centre in Southern Spain. This will enable them to spread the message of Yoga to more people, increasing the number of conscious and compassionate yogis in the world. The Dome will expand their capacity and also allow them to start an outreach program to bring underprivileged young adults out to Suryalila (at no cost to them) to experience a completely different way of life. If all goes well they will be starting this with Kids Company from Bristol in December.

The Yoga Dome will be built to resemble a Nepalese Stupa, with the Buddha eyes painted on the side, and prayer flags streaming from the a golden cupola on top. Inside we will have two large curved walls, decorated with murals of Tibetan and Yogic imagery.

it will be used for her yoga trainings, they will also invite other teachers to bring groups here, hold concerts in it, have Yoga festivals, and whatever else they can dream up. This space already exists in another dimension and it is just being called it forth into real-time, into the olive grove at their beautiful property in Villamartin, Cadiz provence.

There are amazing perks (prizes) for raising funds or donating, including Vidya’s new 6 DVD box-set of intermediate Yoga Flows, and holidays at Suryalila.

Vidya Heisel has been studying, teaching and practicing yoga for forty years now and is the Director of Suryalila Retreat Centre in Villamartin, Andalucia.

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