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Recalibrate is a transformational programme, giving you the tools and techniques to strategically implement powerful and lasting change into your life. Recalibrate leads you through a process of self-discovery and healing, enabling you to envision and create a future aligned with your authentic desires and values. Recalibrate teaches you how to live from cause, rather than effect.

Recalibrate came into existence as a result of the various challenges I have been presented with during the course of my life. In 2009, an accumulation of years of spiraling out of control through hedonistic escapism caught up with me in the form of a brutal life or death wake up call. This forced me to look deeper into my perception of the world and my resulting thought patterns and behaviours, which were dictating and creating my then present reality. Recognizing the need for balance and discovering who I really was beneath the mask, I embarked on my own journey of growth and healing which has since enabled me to discover and live my truth. Driven by my quest for happiness and fulfillment and my hunger for knowledge/learning I have extensively researched, tried and tested various methods of personal development and healing.

I feel inspired to share and teach what I have experienced and learnt and in helping others grow, I continue upon my own path of learning. Recalibrate is the embodiment of what I know to be true. It is the balancing of our perceptions and emotions, which ultimately enables us to access and make real the infinite possibilities available. We facilitate workshops and work one to one with individuals worldwide, enabling others to discover their authentic desires values and needs and implement the necessary changes leading them to a life of success and inner fulfillment. Recalibrate is a rigorous 4 day solution focused programme, hosted in a welcoming, relaxed environment. The workshops are suitable for people from all walks of life, no matter what your starting point.

“We combine talks, teachings and interactive exercises, complimented with daily recreation/physical exercise and reflection practices, to stimulate, nurture and balance mind body and spirit”

Through the methods and techniques presented to you, we facilitate the recognition of your authentic desires and needs, in order to discover what it is that you really want out of life. By understanding our blocks and beliefs about ourselves and the world in which we live, we come to an realization of how they have brought us to the present. On bringing clarity and peace to your past, we will help you find a mindful, yet practical way to recalibrate your mindset and perceptions of your present reality. This will enable you to examine and pinpoint what it is about your life that you would like to see change and identify congruent, specific results that you want to actualize and begin to plan and implement the practical steps to get there. Only when we have learnt to accept and appreciate our present realities are we able to create a future born from our authentic intentions in order to become the best versions of ourselves that we can possibly be.

“Often times we are so driven by the ego that is largely formed by other peoples values and expectations of us, and finite circumstances and limitations that life presents us with, that we lose sight of the infinite hope and possibilities available for us to access if we so choose”

In recognizing your true values, intentions and priorities, you are then able to choose how you behave and respond, rather than react to each moment and situation that comes to pass in your present day life.

What makes Recalibrate Different?

The power in the programme is that it is based on personal experience, written from the heart and the understanding of what it is like to feel unfulfilled and stuck, aspiring to discover if there is something better out there. We offer you the proven effective ways to make a change/overcome our difficulties. Recalibrate gets behind the WHY of:

• Negative behaviours
• Recurring patterns
• The importance of self love and gratitude
• Addiction
• Low self esteem

to name a few, and gives you the “how to” of positively integrating them into your life.

What will I get out of it?

Recognize and identify what your true values are- Who are you? What is important to you? What are your strengths and weaknesses? What makes you feel alive and what makes you run a mile? –

In embracing your authentic self and value you will already start to get results.

How to achieve balance in all areas of your life

Recognize what it is that has been holding you back and start breaking through those limiting beliefs.

Identify the recurring behaviours in relationships that hinder you- what core belief do these all boil down to?

Understand the importance of the power of the mind, and how to change your perceptions in order to embrace any negative past experiences or traumas and drive essential growth.

Identify what you want and who you want to become

Tools to overcome challenges as they arise and how to use mindfulness to remain centred and balanced

Create and pursue realistic congruent goals and learn how to practically implement the necessary steps

Cultivate forgiveness and acceptance of yourself and others

Create healthy and successful relationship dynamics that enable you to grow

Understand and improve your self-sabotaging behaviours

Live a successful and fulfilled life

Move on from life’s challenges

Rediscover your sense of personal identity

Create new choices for yourself

Is this for you?
Recalibrate is suited to those looking to make a positive change or development in their life. It will give you as much as you put in. All of our workshops and activities are optional, all we ask is that you bring an open minded willingness to go within and make the changes you desire. We don’t follow any religious organizations or impose any spiritual beliefs, however we do ask that you respect the beliefs of the other participants. Whilst being transformational, this is not a replacement for medical or psychiatric treatment.

Through changing our perception of life’s inevitable challenges, we learn to empower ourselves in all areas of our lives, making the things we once thought impossible, achievable and possible.

Tel: +34 633 898 411

Hollie Rolla
Founder and Lead facilitator
Hollie is a certified life coach, and having gained formal qualifications in NLP, Advanced Hypnotherapy and Matrix Re-imprinting, her intuitive style of coaching includes practical and spiritual elements, making sessions diverse and impactful. She is a member of the International College of Holistic Medicine, and incorporates energy psychology such as Theta healing and EFT into her practice as a fast and impactful approach to dissolving core issues and beliefs. Hollie is currently completing a PHD in Metaphysical Science, specializing in Philosophy and Human Behaviour. Hollie is available for 90 minute sessions either in person or via Skype.

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