Sacred Geometry – the language of light

We have put to one side the profound significance of these forms, that hide within them the mysteries of creation of life. Geometry, that we know in everyday use, helps us to define spaces, how to measure the size of plots of land, create maps and define the movement and properties of objects. Ancient Egypt had a deep knowledge of geometry, which they needed to create their impressive structures.

This geometry becomes sacred when we realise that geometry is like a mould that represents the manifestation of life in the universe in which we move around, which is in us, in a fractal form, following the same geometric patterns through all levels of creation, from the smallest, like the atom, to the biggest like the galaxies. Giving coherence and making the universal laws of creation and spiritual qualities.

In this way we can reach a deeper meaning, open our minds to new perspectives, explore the language of symbols and give a mental understanding to our environment, ourselves and the things we sense around us. The perfection of the universe is encoded in each particle of our bodies. When we take part in the manifestation of creation, we support the flow of the great Divine Plan in all its possible expressions of life, where we are and cease to be to dissolve in the magnitude of the total and the no-thing. It is on this path of knowledge that we know ourselves and therefor we know God.

Creation plays with transformation, moving from one form to another by exchanging the male icosahedron and the female dodecahedron, and also through the other Platonic solids. As time has gone by geometry has become a mathematical study of the physical spaces, shapes, sizes and relationships of physical objects in that space, forgetting its spiritual significance.

Let us return to our essence, to the authentic, our hearts, our nature of Light. Respond to the revolution of our spirit!

Zeni Virginia .
Naturopath and Holistic Healing in Dehnaten

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