Sacred sessions with ‘Grandfather Pedro’

Session with the teacher “grandfather Pedro”, sacred highlands ceremony.

This Wachuma old ritual is also performed under Shaman Avito’s guidance and care, whom through his ícaros (chanting) conducts the session in a frame of deep physical and spiritual healing. This sacred medicine has been used for millennia to cure physical, mental and emotional illness as well as for opening the intuitive vision and clarity. It opens the third eye allowing us to perceive ourselves and the world around in its true light, leaving “everyday delusion”. This gives us access to our own spiritual nature that connects to the Pachamama (mother earth spirit) and cosmic dimensions, while channeling internal messages, visions and understanding of truth.

This is a group work in constant contact with nature to be held in Malaga at the weekend from 9th to May 11th.

It’ll begin with camping outdoors and an evening meeting for team members get to know each other. In the morning and after ingestion of medicine will begin the work itself with a walk to the river where we will spend the day connecting with nature spirits and receiving the teachings that “el abuelo” (grandpa) has to give us, different for each one, according to our personal needs and interests. In the evening we’ll return to camp to rest and to close the session on Sunday morning with a chat and reflection about the work done.

Getting to know each other

On Wednesday April 2nd we will have a talk with Shaman Avito.
Everyone will have the chance to meet him, listen to his experiences and sense of mission. It is an opportunity to talk about our concerns.
See you at 7 pm at Herboristería Carrasco, calle Alemania 29, Cártama Estación, 29580, Málaga.

There will also be a talk in Cordoba on Friday April 25th.

Tel: 693 590 090
As well Avito is available through Skype and Facebook.

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