Save money and the environment with our Eco cleaning special promotion

La Chispa readers can save money AND get free delivery each month on all orders made within the Costa del Sol area (from Torremolinos to Sotogrande).

Simply contact Eco Cleaning Shop through their web site here and order your monthly cleaning products quoting the reference ‘La Chispa’ to receive an automatic 5% discount. For the monthly free delivery you must also quote the reference ‘ENTREGA MENSUAL’

Do you ever feel concerned about the chemicals in your cleaning products?

Many everyday cleaning products contain chemicals which are bad for your health and harmful to the planet. We can help you to banish these nasty chemicals from your home, and deliver a full range of safe and super-effective cleaning solutions directly to your door. Our ecological cleaning products are so good that they are even used by some of the nicest hotels in Europe, AND they are actually better value than most supermarket alternatives!
Are YOU ready to detox your home?


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