Sessions of Sacred Medicine of the Amazon

Every year shaman Avito visits us to bring us Sacred Medicine, so we become closer to our ancestral knowledge, and so to universal consciousness. Sessions with “Grandmother” are one-night sessions. People interested can take part in these ceremonies in Malaga on April 3rd and 5th or in Cordoba on April 26th, 28th and 30th.

Malaga also has accommodation available for those wishing to attend both sessions taking a few days of calm in nature for themselves.

This ancient ceremony is the night opener deeper door of our consciousness. “La abuelita” (the granny), “la medicina” (the medicine) offer us to show us the way to the ancient wisdom of the universal consciousness, awakening the knowledge stored in our own DNA since the beginning of mankind.

Its use is in a controlled ritual environment of sacred, spiritual and therapeutic properties that leads to a process of deep introspection context. It is a time to listen carefully to what the Master Plant has to say to you and to see what you have to been show. Throughout our journey in the spirits world Avito guides us turning points on of light and truth through singing Ícaros, special songs which are a “call” to the universal consciousness and a dialogue with the protectors and healers nature spirits.

Sessions with “el Sapo”. Kambo Vaccine
Seseiones el sapo

“Kambo” or “Sapo” (the toad) is an ancient medicine used by Amazonian indigenous tribes in western Amazonian Peru. This kind of frog (Phylomedusa Bicolour) has a natural secretion which contains a substance that acts as a powerful natural energizer; it is capable to combat and eliminate disturbances of health in humans for its analgesic and antibiotic properties and increases the efficiency of the immune system. Kambo is suitable for any disturbance or imbalance. Purifies the blood and treats all chronic acute body processes.

It can also be used by people searching for self-knowledge as the Kambo not work only the physical, but also strengthens and aligns the chakras, seals our electromagnetic field, improves perception in general, help with intuition, dreams, stimulates the third eye, the unconscious and the blockages that impede the flow of the vital energy of our physical body.

These sessions are also done in a sacred environment and will be available between the dates set for sessions of “medicine”, as well as during the Diet for people doing the retreat.

Tel: 693 590 090

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