Shamanic ceremonies in Málaga & Cordoba

An invitation to begin the new year 2014, a period of great transformation and spiritual ascension, by taking part in a special shamanistic ritual.

This ancient ceremony, thousands of years old, is the entrance to the deepest parts of our consciousness. “Grandmother” (“la abuelita”) offers us the way by teaching the wisdom of ancient universal consciousness, awakening the knowledge stored in our DNA since the beginning of mankind.

Her teaching can heal, mend old traumas, release blockages, transform negative behaviour patterns installed in our daily lives, and clear the illnesses of the body and the mind.

The sessions, which are open to all and can take part in one or more than one, will be held on Thursday 16th, Saturday 18th and Monday January 20th, 2014 in Cartama, Málaga and on the 25th in Cordoba. They will be guided and monitored by the Shaman Healer Avito, trained in the Shipibo tradition, honorary member of the Ashaninka Nation and the Native Community Flower Roses Nazarategui, Peru, which enables him to spread it throughout the world, practice and use these medicinal traditions for mental and spiritual health of all mankind.

Some details of how the session will be held and things to consider.
The sessions are conducted in a ‘maluca’. In Cartama, our maluca is a big tent with space for up to 20 people, and it will be conditioned for the January weather. It is situated at a Retreat Centre on the Crystal Mountain in Cártama.

For the sessions:
-bring comfortable clothes, in layers that you can take on or off as you like through the night. Warm socks are important because NO footwear can be used within the maluca at any time.
You will also need a mat, sleeping bag, blanket, pillow or cushion. And a water bottle (plastic for safety)
-For those who smoke, only bring pure tobacco, 100% natural, no additives or chemicals of any kind. One possible option is American Spirit yellow or red that you can get in many tobacco shops.
– In the centre of the maluca there will be a small altar. Participants can bring any small object they want to energize with the spirit of Grandmother Teacher and the others allied spirits, or offerings to add to the altar.
-There will be a place for everyone to use in case of vomiting.
-For the next morning, bring some healthy and vegetarian food for breakfast to share as a group.

Meet at 8:30pm in the parking area in front of Banco Santander and drive the mountain together.
ONLY bring to the maluca the things to use during the session.
10.00pm Introductory talk with Avito.
The session which will last a few hours, usually until 3.30 – 5.00 am.
At the end we sleep until the next morning, organise our things and have breakfast at the house. There will be a closing chat all together sharing our experiences, learning from each other .

About Grandmother, la abuelita
Working with “la abuelita” is a work of introspection, in silence and personal. It isn’t the time to talk about the things we see or feel, it’s time to listen carefully to what Master Plant has to say and “see” what she have to show us. Which is different for each of us because everyone has their own personal story and different needs.

Despite containing a psychoactive component, it can not be considered and condemned as a classic and addictive drug wit adverse effects. On the contrary, we must ensure that consumption never occurs in a recreational context. We don’t consider that this plant is a drug, but rather a tool for introspection, meditation, therapy, internal cleansing, self- examination or as a sacrament.

The standard use is in a controlled ritual of sacred, spiritual and therapeutic context characteristics that lead to a process of deep introspection that reveals both pleasant and repressed experiences , for the use within a recreational, leisure or compulsive context is inadmissible.

The vast majority of people who use it are indigenous people, shamans, healers, psychologists, therapists, patients addicted to drugs serching for healing, and spiritual seekers.

This brew has been used for over 5,000 years by the shamans of the Amazon as a way to achieve amplified states of consciousness.
A number of scientific investigations have been conducted in recent years, which have contributed some important conclusions.

Based on these various investigations we can say the following about the physiological effect of Grandmother on the human body: the lack of hepato-toxicity of this plant compound.

Consumption in a controlled context has no side effects, is not addictive and does not produce withdrawal symptoms, ie that people show no symptoms of withdrawal when they stop consuming.

During the session you may see symptoms of purification and cleansing as sweating and vomiting, which should be respected and allowed. U
nusual visions may also appear because we are connected to the spiritual dimension of our state of expanded consciousness that makes us able for seeing and understanding things which our brain and eyes are not used .

Sometimes this may provoke a totally normal reaction: fear. In any scary situation the correct thing to do is GIVE LOVE.
Opening our hearts to love and sending it to that which disturbs us is how we transform our patterns of behaviour and overcome so far what limited us, we surround ourselves with protective energy of love and we are able to leave our ego for teaching and transformation .

Avito guides our on going work creating points of light and truth through singing Icaros, these are special songs which are called the universal consciousness and dialogue with protectors and healers spirits of nature.
The entire session is monitored by Avi and helpers who attend every personal need.

Important: Women can not attend the session if they are on their menstrual period. People who use any type of chemicals should stop. Please refer to periods of abstinence according to the medication and other problems.

SAPO Kambo
On this visit there will also be Kambo serum sessions.
“Kambo” or “Toad” is an ancient drug used by Amazonian indigenous tribes in western Amazonia.

It’s a kind of Frog (Phylomedusa Bicolor), and its natural secretions contains a substance that acts as a powerful natural energizer, it is able to combat and eliminate health disturbances in humans, increasing the efficiency of the immune system.

Vast literature and studies published in journals and the Internet show that the effect of the substance, in medical terms, is a sympathetic reaction inframedium, with stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system followed by complete parasympathetic nervous system – it is as if the body has been totally cleaned in 5 minutes. The substance present in the secretion of the frog has the ability to trigger a biochemical process of organic interaction, and stimulates certain receptors while inhibiting other centers, creating a rapid change in system performance. Physicians who have already used the Kambo treatment and investigated its effects claim tha it can be efficient in curing serious diseases, by acting as a great immune system booster .

Phyllomedusas isolated molecules are highly antibacterial and can kill resistant to viruses and bacteria.

The Kambo is suitable for any disturbance or imbalance. It purifies the blood and treats all acute chronic body processes. It can also be used in people who apparently have no symptoms and who are interested in strengthening your immune system and people in search of self-knowledge as the Kambo not work only the physical, but also strengthens and aligns the chakras and our electromagnetic field seals. The Kambo is a medicine for the spirit as it enhances perception in general , helps with intuition , dreams , stimulates the third eye, the unconscious and the blockages that impede the flow of the vital energy of our physical body.

The frog is not hurt while collecting the serum, the collector will pray magic words, asking the spirit friend Kambo to bring healing. When the frog is stimulated, it spontaneously releases the substance. After collecting the frog is left in the same tree where it was found.

In applying Kambo no needles are used , points are made in the first layer of skin (dermis) with a tiny ember to enter the remedy Kambo in the body, the skin does not need special care after application and heals rapidly.

The reaction of the vaccine lasts 5 minutes, in that time frame changes occur in the physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual fields of the patient, then the feeling of cleanliness, lightness, tranquillity, well-being, inner peace and expanded consciousness is perceived . After 30 minutes of application, the person is fit to return to normal activities .

To receive the serum it is recommended to do so prior to the session do with granny. Sessions will be available to those interested on Wednesdays 15 and Saturday 19 Friday 17 (dates to be confirmed).

693 590 090 or
Or 660 357 750 (Cordoba)

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