Shamanic Diet in Spain

The Shamanic Diet is a deep purification process that restores balance on spiritual, mental and physical levels. It is a work based on the desire for healing, learning and personal growth.
It is done surrounded by nature and silence, withdrawn from external stimuli and guided by a specialized shaman.

The ritual consists of the combined intake of the Master Plant and another Plant of Power while restricting the intake of salt, sugar, fat, acid, alcohol and dairy which purifies the physical and energetic bodies allowing the incorporation of the spirit and wisdom of the Plant of Power being used in the diet.

During the diet the person is very receptive and sensitive to any energy so that exposure to perfumes, cosmetics, chemicals and sunlight, as well as physical contact with others outside the diet must be controlled. It is convenient to take time to rest, meditation and relaxation.

On the first night of diet the initiation ceremony is performed with the Master Plant, “Grandmother” or “Medicine.” This session puts us in the astral plane where to choose, with the help of the shaman, the plant to be used during the dieting. The second night the intake of the personal “Sacred Plant” or “Power Plant” starts.

These rituals are alternated every night and during the time of the diet you go deep into a clear conscious introspection process while strengthening energy and knowledge of the plant as it is being absorbed into your own energetic field. She communicates to you through lucid dreams and messages from nature and the environment, working on the person’s energy field regarding the intention of healing, training and learning. It gives us insight into ourselves and the events of our lives, it gives us its knowledge about healing properties and nature in general.

The “group work” that is done during these diets and sessions with “Medicine” helps us to start losing the “single eye” to open up and surrender to the “collective consciousness” in order to receive the “power of the tribe.”

On the last night the diet ends with a closing session with “Grandmother” where a spiritual alliance between the person dieting and the Power Plant is sealed, ensuring the knowledge and acquired growth.

For the second time, the Shaman Healer Avito brings to Europe the tradition of Shamanic Amazonian diets, in his mission to spread throughout the world, practice and use of these medicinal traditions for mental and spiritual health of all human beings.

Avito, born and raised in modern culture and long a scholar and practitioner of shamanic Peruvian culture, guides us with his ícaros (sacred singing) our way in the astral world of nature spirits and facilitates the understanding and integration of the original knowledge in our minds and Western lifestyles.

Every person who has taken part in a Shamanic Diet agrees that it is an experience that marks a “before and after” in there life. A successful Diet is to reach our fullest potential today, breaking the barrier of own limits, go beyond them strengthened to move forward through those walls we find later and continue on. This transformation only depends on the commitment and self- discipline. The Sacred Plants are always there to help with the spiritual development of a pure and open heart.

I share with you Avito’s “intention” for these diets:
“Sea of God. Let me in into your water to purify, to connect with the sacred wisdom imbued in your perfect creation. I surrender with the desire to heal, to remember my purpose. I will reborn in your belly, clean, naked and unafraid, ready to fulfil my function.” (Suavito)

The Diets of sacred plants will be held in our centres in Malaga from 10 to 20 April, and in Cordoba from April 26th to May 3th. The Sacrd Plants available to dieting will be indigenous Amazonian plants such as Cat’s Claw and Huayruro and others local such as Olive and Oak. Also we will share mornings of Tai Chi, nature walks and group talks for spiritual growth.

For more information and details contact 693 590 090 or

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