Spirituality in the desert

Desert dunes are like great friends with whom to have an internal dialogue. We look at them and the return the shadows and hidden facets of our luminous diamond. In this full-emptiness it contains us and wraps us up as in the arms of a loving mother.

The desert holds secrets waiting to be unveiled. With a good guide you can gain knowledge of the macrocosm and the microcosm of the atom and its subatomic world, understand the world of the densities of the material of your existence subject to time and space, such as the body, mind and emotions, but can also taste the more subtle part is the spirit (essence, true self, etc)

The human being needs to be in spaces that facilitate the encounter with oneself, with nature and with the Force that moves the universe. On the other hand, we look for different situations that lead out of monotony, to experience ourselves in them and realise our maximum human potential. Metaphorically speaking, it is to find the treasure that has been hidden in the dunes of the desert, and the desert of Merzouga (Morocco) is large and beautiful with undulating dunes of fine red sand.

Human beings are gregarious, and need tribal brotherhood, being in the desert with a good group of people seeking Truth gives the perfect environment to achieve some degree of transformation, knowledge, pleasure and enjoyment of life.

The quaternion is a universal archetype in the sphere having a sense of wholeness.
Its good bearings in life and realize where north is. In the desert you can see the four cardinal points: north, south, east and west that could act as two coordinates, the line you stand in space. Two horizontal lines of support in which you place yourself meeting point from being or essence, this last line between earth and heaven being up; ie beyond the here and now. If in life you do not position yourself in your rightful place in the cosmos, in daily life, you’re a misfit, ungrounded.

You will also notice that a grain of sand and every creature is made of the four elements: earth, water, fire and air and four qualities of hot, cold, wet and dry. A warm and humid temperament or character is health and a dry, cool temperament tend to get sick the baby is warm and humid and an old man, in general, is rather cold and dry. A corpse, physically, is cold and dry. It’s good to be in warm and humid temperament since, among other things, it is no expansion spring along with summer, autumn and winter make the four seasons. The desert is, physically, warm and dry, but the portrayal of its character is warm and humid.

Also in the great traditions of psychology and spirituality speaks of four degrees or stations of the soul: the state of the ego, heart condition, state of mind and state of union or to be absorbed into the Source. On the other hand, we find the cuaternidad or quaternium in all four oceans during the trip.

Ocean taste. What feelings or emotions I experienced and what degree of subtlety in the’m experiencing?

Ocean of meanings that is when there is greater understanding of an issue, we turn on the lights when we were in a state of wonder and understand things better armor because some have been displaced.

Ocean of light, glare, clarities, crackling which is when our field of consciousness “see” what quantum physicists call conglomerate subtly dancing light photons creating forms.

Emptiness or fullness of the great ocean. If I vacuum which I am not, tax artifice, then I am what is in me naturally, ie emerge essential. Well, not being, then I am. The Great Void takes me. In the sense of mental emptying the dunes one can find its essence.

In this cuaternidad everything in creation is vibration, but creation is not the Great Prana or the One. Everything in the universe vibrates. The vibrational field is the root of all spiritual experience, which we can see when we are in a state of expanded, free from the tyranny of the mind consciousness. Everything is reconfigured every moment thanks to the vibration of the One, Nada Brahma. And as holographic universe, every particle contains a reflection of the whole universe. Each grain of sand contains all creation. A dune is a conjunction of myriads of grains of sand. The human body is composed of trillions of cells. Dune and the human body, as everything that exists in space or Akasha created, it is configured at each instant.

But the grain of sand is not Prana or the Great One, but His manifestation, which is not the same. The air coming out of your exhalation comes from within, and the shadow shape your body, however, nor breath nor your shadow you. Therefore we conclude that the Great Prana or God does with His Breath deserts and all creation, but created things are reconfigured at every moment and can be permanently destroyed, but not the Great Prana.

Brahma is the Great Artist. The Artist and the created are inseparable, but the artist is not created. The beholder and beheld, Brahma’s image reflected in the mirror is not Brahma but His image. This is His brush Painter (calamus) and paint (ink) write-painted creation. Each one of us is what Brahma is painting on the canvas of creation. It is the dreamer and the dream. The painter and painted. The designer and designed. The respirator and breathed. Gardener and garden. The Creator and the created.

In the desert you have the chance to contemplate in the mirror of its dunes and mirroring the image will return to the diamond in your heart.

Carlos Velasco

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