A Sparkling Clean Home Without Using Nasty Chemicals?

Yes! It really is possible – without compromising the quality of the end result…
Eco Diva is on a mission to help you super-clean your home and be kind to the planet.

If you’re anything like Eco Diva…
– You want a home that sparkles…
– You want to protect your family (and yourself) from nasty chemicals…
– You want to be eco-friendly and protect the planet…
– And you want the same high quality finish you get with a “normal” cleaner without the toxic load.

Let me introduce my “Eco Diva Multipurpose Cleaner”

Eco Diva Multipurpose Cleaner is:
• Plant based
• Biodegradable
• Non toxic
• Free from artificial colours and scents
• Easy to store
• Smells divine
And, most importantly…
• It’s a highly effective and powerful cleaner that gives a high quality finish, and an affordable alternative to other eco products that are traditionally more expensive.

Eco Diva is a domestic version of an eco-friendly cleaning product that is being used in top hotels throughout Europe. These hotels use it to reduce the risks for their staff and to make the rooms safer and more pleasant for their overnight visitors.
Eco Diva is sold as a concentrate so it takes up far less space in your cupboards. And because it’s a concentrate it hugely reduces the quantity of plastic bottles needed. You’ll be doing your bit to reduce the horrendous plastic pollution problem on the earth. It’s also inexpensive. Once diluted you’ll be able to refill your 750ml bottle 14 times over. That works out at just €1.42 per spray bottle. That’s less than most standard supermarket chemical cleaners and half the price of standard eco-cleaners.

Where can I get my bottle of Eco Diva?
Eco Diva is currently available by Mail Order from www.ecodiva.es

Eco Diva Starter Pack:
1l bottle of Eco Diva Multipurpose Cleaner concentrate Dilutes to 14 spray bottles of cleaning solution to last you for months (or even years depending on your economy of use)
1 empty 750ml spray bottle with special marking for diluting your Eco Diva Multipurpose Cleaner
2 top quality microfibre cleaning cloths to give your home a sparking finish
All for just €24.95 with free post and packing in the Peninsula
Eco Diva refill bottle:
1l bottle of Eco Diva Multipurpose Cleaner concentrate (Dilutes to 14 spray bottles of cleaning solution)
Just €19.95 with free postage and packing in the Peninsula
Start using Eco Diva today to enjoy a healthy, sparkling clean home while doing your bit for the environment.

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