Medical Thermography – find hidden Inflammation!

When I got my first Medical Thermography over 5 years ago I was surprised that I had much more inflammation in the body than I had realized. I had been through a period with a lot of stress because of disease in close family and had obviously been focusing on it. So I took my own medicine with a full check-up – including Thermography.

My neck, shoulder and back were tense and inflamed. That I could feel. But what I could not feel was inflammation on the side of the legs and under the feet.
I was feeling ticklish when I got reflexology, but had not given it any thoughts. I went ahead and got started with massage, cleaning the lymphatics regulation of acid – alkaline balance – yes I took my own medicine – doing what I ask people to do when they visit my clinicI. And it helped – I experienced pretty fast.

At the latest Thermography the inflammation in the legs and feet were gone. Surprisingly my sinuses showed up with inflammation. After the winters cold and drafts, bang, I got sinusitis, and I promise you that it took time to get to grips with it. I got benefitted a lot from the acupuncture patches which partly took the inflammation and also boosted the level of antioxidants.

Medical Thermography finds hidden inflammation, and catches your weakest link and gives you a guide line to where you can take action. This winter, we have found many hidden inflammation of the sinuses, teeth, gums, intestines and hidden varicose veins. So my best health advice is: Listen to your body and take good care of it. It is designed to live hale and hearty – occasionally it need a little help.

My mission with my work in the clinic is to help ensure that each client gets a little wiser about themselves and their health and brands how health improvements can be created and sustained by a relatively small effort. A self-help.

Therefore, we have a range of treatments, lectures, workshops and trainings on the program in the following months focusing on INFLAMMATION and listening to your body’s signals.

New Health Technology
– the future of medicine – without chemistry.

Discover how acupuncture patches can relieve pain, tension, sleep problems, headaches, skin problems, arthritis symptoms, allergies, sports injuries, lack of energy etc.. And especially how inflammation is reduced in an amazingly short time.

Duration approximately 50 minutes and the price is 40 € incl. patches.

Or come to our free lectures Thursdays at 16-18 in the clinic
– for further information. Registration required.

Would you like a Lifestyle check?

How to optimize your diet, exercise / training – then it is time for you to visit Nick Hvidt-Nielsen, a recent graduate dietitian and triathlete and born curious in how we live the healthiest, best-possible so that there is room to misbehave and party occasionally.

The Lifestyle check takes an hour and costs 50 €.

– the body’s cry for help

Often we consider the inflammation itself as a problem, but we can turn that around and loook at it as a healthy reaction.
Get to know the difference on Healthy Inflammation and Hidden Damaging Inflammation.

The more stress and inflammation – the more acidic the body becomes. This will show up on a Medical Infrared Thermography.

“Listen to your body and help them to
get a handle on Inflammation and Stress!”

Vitafakta Health Clinic
Pernille Knudtzon, MD
Natasja Blicher, nurse and thermographer
Nick Hvidt Nielsen, assisting dietician and thermographer, 678 253 510

For Thermography and registration to lectures and workshops:, 694 431 864

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