Pneumaphonics – the Serge Wilfart method

The method is named after the person who created and developed, Serge Wilfart, also known by the term ‘Pneumaphonics® is the result of over 40 years of practice and research as a lyrical artist and teacher of voice work and its ramifications.

the Serge Wilfart® Method is based on the observation that a child comes into this world with a particularly powerful and harmonically rich voice. With education or maybe we should say the “formatting” that the child receives, inhibits this natural voice. Energetically, humans are built upside down, in the manner of an overturned boat where the hull would be upward most.

The main objective of this work is to put this energy imabalance right. This is done through a series of breathing exercises that work on the stresses and anxieties that play an important role in our vocalising. The purpose is to find a voice that is true and refined … not from an aesthetic point of view, but also from the point of view of harmonising our Being.

The first contact with the method can be in the context of a Breath-Voice workshop or consists in “mapping” the energy blockages in the voice. Then precise work is carried out on the breathing and voice using a singing voice for the repetition of the phrase ‘ye yi yu’ which will allow the power and voice of the throat to be pushed into the pelvis and legs, resetting the natural energy order.

Empirical and pragmatic, the Serge Wilfart method or “Pneumaphonie®” is aimed at anyone willing to work on themselves without preconceptions. This also allows people to get right to the heart of their problems and bypass many of the illnesses that are common in people who use their voice a lot: singers, actors, speakers and so on. It is also a valuable tool for professionals like osteopaths and music therapists.

The Serge Wilfart® method or “Pneumaphonie®” particularly precise postures used with a direct impact on the breath and voice. That is why it is absolutely essential that you are addressing a practitioner authorized by the creator of the method, Serge Wilfart, in the same way as we approach would not put in the hands of an osteopath or chiropractor who has not passed the appropriate studies these disciplines.


Mar 14 & 15: Breath and voice workshop with serge Wilfart
Casa Rural AhORA
Telf. 696 720 889 / 952 153 046

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