The Government plan on establishing a sun tax

The sun will stop being free – Stop the “sun tax” by minister Soria. The Industry Ministry wants to impose a tax to prevent users generating their own electricity. We have to stop it!

The government will establish a “sun tax”, another step in their dance with the big power companies in its aim to boycott and discourage energy self sufficiency. The new draft Royal Decree proposed by the Ministry of Industry will force consumers connected to the network who want to generate their own energy to pay a “sun tax”.

Minister Jose Manuel Soria has to dismiss this nonsense, which ensures only the interests of large power companies. And if they go ahead, ask those parties that aspire to govern after the next elections, if they finally approve the Royal Decree, to undertake to repeal it and replace it with a policy that encourages renewable energy and saving energy. In short, to defend a sensible, effective and sustainable model.

It is unacceptable that minister Soria people who generate their own power should pay for the costs that are duplicated in the electrical system: first when they consume energy from the grid, and second when they consume the energy they produce. This is not a technical problem but a political statement that attempts to curb those who want to produce their own energy. Thus preventing consumers from gaining autonomy from large powercompanies. In addition, the statute is ambiguous and complex enough to cause fear in those who are considering generating its own energy.

In a key year like this, with the climate conference in Paris on the horizon, we can not continue betting on a polluting, obsolete model that only defends the benefits of big power at the expense of citizens and consumers. We do NOT want this model, sign the petition to ask for a renewable, clean and efficient model!

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