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Magnified Healing is Love

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Recalibrate your life

Recalibrate is a transformational programme, giving you the tools and techniques to strategically implement powerful and lasting change into your life. Recalibrate leads you through a process of self-discovery and healing, enabling you to envision and create a future aligned with your authentic desires and values. Recalibrate teaches you how to live from cause, rather than effect.

Recalibrate came into existence as a result of the various challenges I have been presented with during the course of my life. In 2009, an accumulation of years of … Continue reading

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Chakras: The universe within

In June, Gerardo Pizarro, the renowned Lambayeque Culture Shaman, will be bringing The Chakras Workshop to Malaga.

Our soul is a Luminous Energy Field that resides at the heart of the Universe, outside time and space; it extends through the vastness of space and connects to our chakras and physical body through a luminous cord. The chakras rotate clockwise, in the same direction that the spiral arms of the galaxy revolve.
The soul extends luminous threads that connect us to rivers and forests, to the Universe … Continue reading

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Heal Your Past Process – Cleaning up your memories

What are negative emotions?
Examples of negative emotions are: anger, hatred, rage, fear, sadness, hurt, shame, guilt, remorse, jealousy envy. They are not necessarily negative and could be even healthy when they are expressed in certain circumstances. For example, if you see a car driven recklessly heading towards you the fear you might feel is most appropriate as it will make you run for safety. If a relationship breaks down it is appropriate to feel the sadness, hurt , guilt or anger when … Continue reading

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Dance Camp Spain 2014

Dance Camp Spain is now in its third year.
Created by Jenny Wood, Rebecca Faro and Melchior Hof, it is a small and friendly event held in the beautiful Sierra Nevada near Órgiva, Spain.
It promises five days full of different dance and singing workshops with top facilitators, along with performances in the evening in a relaxing atmosphere.
There’s a good vegetarian cafeteria, and often you’ll be eating your meals overlooking mountains and valleys under a clear blue sky, after having danced all day, what bliss!

The next camp … Continue reading

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Sacred sessions with ‘Grandfather Pedro’

Session with the teacher “grandfather Pedro”, sacred highlands ceremony.

This Wachuma old ritual is also performed under Shaman Avito’s guidance and care, whom through his ícaros (chanting) conducts the session in a frame of deep physical and spiritual healing. This sacred medicine has been used for millennia to cure physical, mental and emotional illness as well as for opening the intuitive vision and clarity. It opens the third eye allowing us to perceive ourselves and the world around in its true light, leaving “everyday delusion”. This … Continue reading

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Sessions of Sacred Medicine of the Amazon

Every year shaman Avito visits us to bring us Sacred Medicine, so we become closer to our ancestral knowledge, and so to universal consciousness. Sessions with “Grandmother” are one-night sessions. People interested can take part in these ceremonies in Malaga on April 3rd and 5th or in Cordoba on April 26th, 28th and 30th.

Malaga also has accommodation available for those wishing to attend both sessions taking a few days of calm in nature for themselves.

This ancient ceremony is the night opener deeper door of our … Continue reading

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Shamanic Diet in Spain

The Shamanic Diet is a deep purification process that restores balance on spiritual, mental and physical levels. It is a work based on the desire for healing, learning and personal growth.
It is done surrounded by nature and silence, withdrawn from external stimuli and guided by a specialized shaman.

The ritual consists of the combined intake of the Master Plant and another Plant of Power while restricting the intake of salt, sugar, fat, acid, alcohol and dairy which purifies the physical and energetic bodies allowing the incorporation … Continue reading

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Welcome to Centro Satya

Shobhna Mahtani started an alternative therapy center called “Centro Satya” with the idea of bringing East & West under the same roof. This is achieved by bringing together psycho-physical techniques and personalized treatments to restore balance between body, mind and spirit. In short, the professionals and therapists at Satya take advantage of the benefits of many different therapies, but with one common denominator: to present the most appropriate tools for each to find the path for their own welfare.

Personally Shobhna is dedicated to Ayurvedic … Continue reading

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What is Psych-K

The overall mission of PSYCH-K is to Nurture Sacred Global Evolution. To be more specific, people seem to have forgotten their true identity as spiritual beings having a human experience. When your subconscious beliefs are aligned with this fundamental truth, you will be freed from a kind of prison of limiting beliefs. These beliefs can limit who you are, as well as who you want to be. My personal life experience, as well as 14 years as a psychotherapist, taught me that the source of … Continue reading

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