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Fracking in favour in Spain

Environmental organisation Greenpeace have expressed their disgust that the government is favouring fracking in Spain.

Against the will of the Cantabrian village, the Government plan to impose fracking on the community.

The Constitutional Court has agreed to hear an appeal of unconstitutionality against the law passed unanimously on 8 April by the Parliament of Cantabria banning fracking or hydraulic fracturing for unconventional gas extraction in their territory. This Court’s decision in abeyance until the Cantabrian law dictates what authority, regional or state, has jurisdiction in this … Continue reading

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Organic allotments in Marbella

Arboretum Marbella brings a new project to the town, giving a locals and various collectives the chance to cultivate their own plot with organic veggies. Registration is open to March 1st followed by a draw on March 15 to allocate the plots that can be worked on from March 22. The plots are located in the Arboretum finca La Trapiche not far from the bus station. Alejandro Orioli, director of Arboretum explained that the new initiative is another attempt to bring sustainability to the community … Continue reading

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Red-Green guide to GM food published by Greenpeace

Greenpeace recently published the 5th annual edition of their guide to which products contain GM food, listing the brands, products and producers that use GM food in their processes. The handy guide lists hundreds of products indicating clearly which ones are guaranteed to be free of GM products and which ones cannot be guaranteed. Greenpeace are opposed to the use of GM food because of the increased use of toxic chemicals in agriculture, contamination of the soil, loss of biodiversity, development of resitence in insects … Continue reading

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Fire at Waldorf school in Alpujarras

many people will now have heard about the recent fire that caused extensive damage to the Waldorf school in the Alpujarras. One of the yurts (log cabins) that served as the classroom for the third and fourth class but also as a multi-purpose room, meeting facility and for eurythmy was completely destroyed. Additionally, it was used to store most of the material from the school so they lost wool, cotton, crochet hooks, books and furniture. There was nobody on site when the fire started so … Continue reading

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Artesan beer Rebeldía

Rebeldia is a unique artesan beer produced in Málaga using natural techniques and ingredients. But Rebeldia is more than just a new local beer, it is also a business that is looking to develop a new social economic model in the labour market. The team work in a cooperative with horizontal management. They work with local distributors, direct sales through the Casa Invisible and consumer groups.

The rest of this article is available in Spanish below

Cerveza artesanal Rebeldía es la primera y única cerveza artesanal elaborada … Continue reading

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The earth is our home

Platero college launched a project recently to take responsibility for the planet: “nature is wounded. We need to tackle the problems of desertification that were ignored by previous generations . We do not want to look the other way while our house is being destroyed. ”
The project is to reforest an area of natural park that they have been authorised to plant on with clay balls of seeds , following the permaculture technique created by M. Fukuoka called Nando Dango . They are trying to … Continue reading

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International community energy day

To coincide with the International community energy day, Friends of the Earth presented ‘Cultivate your own energy’, a publication that aims to counteract the government policy to penalise energy autonomy and to actuvely encourage people to take control of their own energy consumption. The publication highlights the the lack of efficiency in a centralised system based on fossil fuels and offers real alternatives to create energy independance.

The booklet aims to engage the general public in the wider debate about energy, explaining some of the … Continue reading

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Andalucía Eco-foro en Málaga

Andalusia Eco Forum is a one-day congress looking at responsible tourism for sustainable development in the Mediterranean region. The Sustainability Euro-Mediterranean Forum, organised by eco-union, is launching a new edition in Málaga (Andalusia) on 28 November with sustainable tourism as the main focus

Eco-union organises these Eco-forums annually as international meetings that bring together experts on sustainability in the Euro-Mediterranean Region. Málaga will be the host on the
28th November 2013 to the first Eco Forum in Andalucía: panels, discussions, workshops and an eco-contest ‘The Dreamers’, make … Continue reading

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100 people, 1,000 trees


For the 3rd year running Arboretum Marbella is organising a tree planting day on 7th December to plant over 1,000 indiginous plants. Under the heading ‘woods for people’ they would like to see everyone taking part in this family day out, to have the chance to plant a tree in this special public park dedicated to environmental education.

For the 3rd consecutive year Arboretum Marbella is organizing a special event on December 7 to start the 2013-2014 season by planting over 1,000 native trees and … Continue reading

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Permaculture with Ilde part 3 – visualising

Thinking is the next step. At this point it is a good idea to visualise the result we want to reach given what we have observed. Visualising is a powerful and useful tool in our daily lives. To analyse the information and then to think about putting into practice the basic permaculture principles that include:
– Working with nature, not against it.
– The problem may be the solution.
– Use the minimum effort for maximum efficiency.
– The performance of a system is unlimited, it is only a … Continue reading

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