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Fuengirola: Avda. Los Boliches, 112, Los Boliches, 29640 and Marbella: c/ Felix Rodriguez de la Fuente, s/n, Edificio Berocal. Costa del Sol
Tel: 952 660 757 & 952 900 401

The Greek philosopher and the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, wrote: “Let your food be your medicine and let your medicine be your food”.

It seems that this maxim, coined two thousands years ago, is once again back in fashion. We now all want to eat better. Therefore ecological food is no longer reserved for a chosen few, it is demanded by millions all over the world.

Bionatura shops sell solely and exclusively ecological produce, or produce certified by DEMETER as being bio-dynamic. All of our product range has its relevant guarantee. In short, we are an ecologically-minded supermarket.

Our product range

FRUIT AND VEGETABLES We have a wide variety of ecologically produced fruit and vegetables, all of DEMETER-certified quality. These are all sold without packaging.

FRUIT AND VEGETABLE DRINKS We stock the following selection of brands: Biotta, Voelkel, Vitzritz, Oatly, Isola, Ecomil, Lima etc…

RICE AND CEREALS Allos, Barnhouse, Biocop, Luz de Vida, Calsparra, Eco-Salim etc…

VINEGARS AND OILS Biolasi, Nuñez del Prado, Sierra Magina, Voelkel, Biocop, Oliflix, etc..

EGGS AND MILK PRODUCTS Rio Grande, Arcadia, Cantero de Letur, Granovita, Berchtesgadener Land etc..

SALTS AND SPICES Rapunzel, Biocop, Lux de Vida, Cook, Lebensbaum etc..

BREADS AND COOKIES Sunny Vale, Molenaartje, Biocop, Luz de Vida, Schnitzer, Spighe & Spighe, Doves Farm, Biona, Evernat, Kalibio etc…

CHOCOLATE, BARS AND SWEETS Rapunzel, Buonbio, Candy Tree, Croc-Crac, Organix, Molenaartje

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