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Bodyworks Health Clinic or Bodyworks Physio Clinic as it has come to be known, is a unique concept for physiotherapy (fisioterapeuta) care in the Marbella, Malaga area of Andalucia, Spain where the main focus is on accurate diagnosis, injury management, physiotherapy, fisioterapia, rehabilitation, biomechanical footcare, orthotics, general improvement in fitness levels and nutritional advice.

The 230m² building housing the clinic near Marbella, in the province of Malaga, Andalucia, Costa del Sol, Spain has been totally renovated and custom designed by a Chartered Physiotherapist (fisioterapeuta) giving a modern twist to the exterior whilst the interior provides for a cool and calming experience in all of the 5 spacious treatment rooms. The large and bright exercise studio has again been carefully designed with its floor to ceiling mirrors, “ballet” style exercise bars and a wooden sprung floor.

Who We Are
Bodyworks Physio Clinic has a team of fully qualified professional practitioners led by the Director of Physiotherapy, Estelle Mitchell.
Qualifications, on-going training and development, professionalism and a wealth of experience are the hallmarks of the staff at Bodyworks.

What We Do
Thorough assessment of any injury or problem followed by an accurate diagnosis gives your Chartered Physiotherapist the basis to provide a treatment and rehabilitation programme aiming for full recovery of the condition in as few treatment sessions as possible.
State of the art electrotherapy equipment be it ultrasound, interferential or the most modern cryotherapy unit available (immediately eliminates most pain and drastically reduces swelling) are all tools that your Chartered Physiotherapist can call upon.
The most sophisticated and sensitive equipment on the market can be used to analyse a patient’s gait (how you walk) providing for computerised prescription orthotics thereby helping or preventing existing or importantly, future musculo-skeletal problems be it feet problems, ankle or hip pain, back ache, neck pain or even migraines.

Patient well-being is catered for by clinical and sports massage therapy or by individualised nutritional advice , food intolerance or toxicity screening.

Can We Help You?
Whether you are or aspire to be an elite athlete or professional golfer, whether you are a mum-to-be, a grandfather or the ordinary person in the street, if you have an injury be it a simple strain or pain, bad back or fracture, Bodyworks can help.
Physiotherapy Cryotherapy
Orthotics Rehab Supports
Food Intolerance Clinical Massage
Cartilage Problems Osteoporosis
Joint Pain

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