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Acting on the feedback they received from the Living Well trade fair, Living Alchemy NLP Master Practitioners, Conor Corderoy and Maggie Meigh have come up with truly radical price cuts of 75% to enable those people on the Costa suffering the worst effects of the recession to benefit from the life changing skills they teach.

Living Alchemy, the educational arm of Absolute Altitude Ltd, provide a range of courses and seminars in all areas of NLP. Their flagship course, a four day intensive seminar, offers a unique combination of deep, transformational therapy and intensive training which has never been done before. ‘Everyone we spoke to at the Living Well event told us the same thing,’ says Conor, ‘”We would love to do it, but we just can’t afford it.”’ We are therapists and we are out to help people, and when you hear something like that you have to act. By London standards we were cheap, we didn’t realise how bad things were here. We don’t want to offer our teaching to an exclusive elite. This is for everybody.’

The structure of the seminars in unique. The mornings are taken up with lectures which have a therapeutic element woven into them in the language. The afternoons are taken up with what Conor describes as ‘work, work, work!’ where the participants practice in depth what they have learnt during the mornings. These promise to be totally life-changing events. Conor and Maggie’s aim is that the people who attend will leave after four days, transformed, and with all the skills and tools to create the lives they truly want.

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