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Alternative Malaga: Eco-Union

We waved farewell to 2011 with precious little ambition from UN Summit on Climate Change in Durban. Although it was decided to extend the Kyoto Protocol beyond 2012 and to set a roadmap for reducing greenhouse gases, the minimal agreements shed little light on the struggle against this global phenomenon that will affect everyone. Last year, and probably this one, will also pass down in the annals of history as the year of public outrage against the depersonalization and globalisation of our systems. Informed citizens … Continue reading

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Feb 9 & 10: Official Transition Town’s course

Objetivos del curso
-Introducir el movimiento de transición y trabajar su modelo.
– Proporcionar herramientas y contenidos que fortalezcan las iniciativas
– Fomentar la creación de nuevas iniciativas.
– Trabajar tanto los aspectos externos como los internos de la
– Promover en sentido amplio la transición hacia un futuro más
– Trabajar la creatividad y las relaciones de grupo.

Qué aprenderás
– Que es una iniciativa de transición y cuáles son sus principios y
– Diferentes conceptos como: resiliencia, comunidad, relocalización,
sistemas complejos, pico del petróleo o cambio climático, entre otros.
– Herramientas … Continue reading

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Ancient wisdom

The end of the International Year of the Forest was marked at Arboretum in Marbella on 29th December 2011 with a tree planting by the area’s oldest woman, Antonia Aranda Fernandez. 98 year old Antonia planted her favourite tree, the almond, surrounded by friends and family and recounted stories from her long and varied life.
Antonia has 5 children, 11 grandchildren, 15 great-grandsons and one great-granddaughter. Born on 3rd February 1913, the third of 14 children in a farming family, Antonia has had a hard but … Continue reading

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A manifesto for a ‘green’ economy

Twenty five local businesses, following the initiative of EQQUO Málaga, Spain’s new green party, have launched a manifesto for a more socially responsible and environmentally friendly economy. The manifesto was launched in November at the Fair Trade shop (tienda Comercio Justo) in the old town of Málaga city. Angel Rodriguez, one of the party’s leading candidates, presented the initiative as a call to all of Málaga – businesses, associations, parties and unions – as a way to overcome the current social-environmental crisis and drive forward … Continue reading

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The Arboretum permaculture course


The Coin permaculture group took part in the first module of ‘Education for Sustainability’, a series of interesting courses organised by ‘Arboretum’, a new project space dedicated to ecology and sustainabile education established by the foundation ‘mas arboles’ in Marbella.

This first module was an introduction to permaculture and its techniques, a total of 20 hours of intensive instruction. Prof. Julio Cantos is an experienced permaculturist, specializing in food and forests and is also the permanent project advisor for Arboretum. As he explained, permaculture as a … Continue reading

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Arboretum – Sowing the seeds of a forest for the people


Arboretum is a nonprofit project based in Marbella whose mission is to develop environmental education and provide a public space for an understanding of sustainability in practice. La Chispa will be following its progress over the next few issues.

In the conservation garden, one of the priorities is developing a wild wood, composed of 131 species of trees, shrubs, grasses and vines native to the region, creating a living collection of plants and a gene pool representing the biodiversity of the area.

Given the special nature … Continue reading

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Environmental education – Arboretum Marbella is launched


Coinciding with the United Nation’s International Year of the Forest, Marbella has joined in the spirit of the occasion to launch Arboretum Marbella, a living green space with environmental resources that will teach visitors about sustainable land management and how to live more ecologically.

This ambitious project is starting off with 45,000m² located at Finca el Trapiche, near the well known ‘Huerta del Prado’ urbanization and Don Miguel Hotel. This ‘green zone’ will be a beacon for the environment, local people and for tourism, and will … Continue reading

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La Chispa web relaunch

La Chispa mandala

This month sees the launch of the new la Chispa web site, overhauled recently to bring us up to date, easier to access and more interactive. Building on the success of previous versions of lachispa.net, the new site retains its high quality content and comprehensive online resource directory, southern Spain’s alternative Yellow Pages, as well as exhaustive events guide to classes, courses, concerts and festivals.

The resource directory now has over 2,000 entries – www.lachispa.net/resourcedirectory, so whatever you are looking for – yoga teachers, acupuncturists, … Continue reading

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Pump it up

Ram pump

Before we harnessed the great energy slave that is oil, for many centuries we still managed to do many things that we needed to using different technology. With the abundance of cheap oil, though, many of these technologies were sidelined and forgotten as we powered everything with the black gold. One of the key principles of the transition town movement is rediscovering different ways of making the things we need in the modern world happen without dependence on fossil fuels.

Eco fair FestiSol 2011, which … Continue reading

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Give a future, give a tree

This year has been declared the International Year of Forests by the UN General Assembly (Res/61/193, 20 December 2006).

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