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Zero waste

An ever-growing worldwide initiative, ‘zero waste’ aims to live up to its name, and take steps to reduce and eventually to get rid of the problem of waste. The plan is a complete overhaul of our current system to gradually get rid of landfills and incinerators and introduce processes where the by-products do not become useless and polluting and society as a whole takes responsibility for managing waste along ecological principals. More and more cities and communities around the world are putting policies in place that follow these principals.

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10:10:10: A ‘Global Day Of Doing’

10:10 has joined forces with international campaign group 350 to co-ordinate 10:10:10 – the biggest-ever day of positive action on climate change on Sunday, 10th October, 2010. Across the world, thousands of people will take simple steps to reduce emissions, cutting carbon and sending a powerful message to world leaders that people everywhere are ready to tackle climate change.

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EU to ban import and commerce of illegal timber by 2010

The EU Parliament yesterday approved new rules that will prohibit the importation and trading of timber from illegal logging and enforce fines and other penalties for not complying with the rules that are will be scheduled for la te 2012.

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Trees – a recession proof investment!

“Trees are a part of the solution to fighting climate change.” Al Gore
Investing in trees is a reliable alternative in times of crisis…

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The story of cosmetics

In anticipation of soon-to-be-introduced Congressional legislation in the USA to regulate personal care products – The Story of Stuff Project have released The Story of Cosmetics,

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Bike it to Boom this year and reduce your carbon footprint!

Planes, trains and automobiles increase the impact of our carbon footprint. So get on your bike it and cycle to Boom this year instead!

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Make Coín a GM free zone

Transition Coin

We are writing to you (the mayor) to request that Coín takes action against GM foods in agriculture and food. The best way for regions to protect their agriculture and nature against the risks of GM crops is to declare the area ‘a GM free zone’

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2nd International meeting of Friends of the Trees

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Daryl Hannah were in Cáceres recently calling for more trees to combat climate change “It has been a long time since I saw such collective energy as I have seen here during these past few days,” they confessed shortly before leaving Cáceres, last month. After three days of intense exchanges of views and experiences, projects and proposals, conferences, roundtables, book presentations and cultural experiences. There were many moments of hope, satisfaction and joy shared, and always with the tree at the heart of the meeting.

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Can you give up bottled water?

A town meeting in Concord, Massachusetts recently voted in favour of banning bottled water from 1 January. Here Huw Kingston from Bundanoon, Australia – the first town in the world to go bottled-water-free – offers encouragement.

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72% of people think there needs to be urgent measures to preserve the environment

Glass and cardboard at 78.6% and 77.3% are the materials recycled the most. In a survey the majority of people in Spain believed that it is better to recycle than reuse and while many have clear ideas about the environment, 57% didn’t know what sustainable meant.

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