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Biocasa – organic goodness in Fuengirola

To celebrate Biocasa’s second birthday, La Chispa called by to chat to owner Vanda Laktos about healthy and organic living in Fuengirola. As customers came and went during a typically bustling morning, Vanda told us about setting up the shop and her experiences over the past two years. “It was always my dream to open a shop like this. It is very much a proper organic supermarket, selling a wide range of products. I believe that healthy living starts with our diet, the food we … Continue reading

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La Semilla Ecologica

Tel: 952 57 79 19
Mob: 654 54 97 80
Email: lasemillaecologica@yahoo.es

June 29 & 30: Ayurveda Foundation Cooking & Well-being Course

Held Sat. & Sun. 10.00-17.00 PM, June 29th & 30th, 2013
with TINA TOFT www.yo-yogi.co.uk
hosted by Lori Sjollema

To include all theory Module Notes, Recipe Packs, how to set up an Ayurvedic Pantry, A Personal Life Balance Plan, Ayurvedic Food & Medicinal Drinks and a ‘Spice’ Starter Kit.
Price: 320 Euros
Early bird discount: 295 Euros before June 15th

June 28: Ayurveda-The Natural Way to Detox and Fast
held Friday 10.00-17.00 PM June 28th, 2013
with TINA TOFT hosted by Lori Sjollema

Contact Lori 639 845 185
For those of you who have … Continue reading

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Transition in Action: Local farmers’ market launches

After months of organisation, Coín in Transition’s hard work has finally come to fruition as the weekly local farmers’ market was launched one sunny Sunday in April to help support local producers and invigorate the local economy.

Starting off with over 30 stalls of fresh local produce and crafts, the regular Sunday market, next to La Trocha shopping centre, has already attracted a lot of positive attention from visitors who have enjoyed the chance to buy direct from the producers who all live within the … Continue reading

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Raw food retreats

This summer, in the pretty permaculture finca of Cañadulce (sweet cane) in Coín there will be a chance to learn how to eat in a way that gives fantastic health, unlimited energy and mental clarity. The raw food diet is made up of an abundance of vegetarian ingredients, preferably organic, like fruits, dried fruits, seeds, seaweeds, vegetables, sprouted seeds and grains. These are made into exquisite recipes that are always prepared at less than 42ºC. The raw food chef Gisela Bayer will be teaching the … Continue reading

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Vegetarian protein guide

By Vanda Lakatos
Proteins are the basic building blocks of the human body. They are made up of amino acids, and help build muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. Next to water, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body, and most of it (around 60% to 70%) is located in the skeletal muscles.
There are 20 amino acids that are required for growth by the human body and all but eight can be produced in your body. These eight amino acids, called essential … Continue reading

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The culinary garden: Stevia

Hierba dulce is the literal translation of the term Guarani ka’a he’e, made up from the words ka’a or caa (herb) and he’e or je (sweet), due to the sweet taste of its leaves. Caajé, green sugar or stevia (Stevia rebaudiana) is a small perennial plant about 80 -100cm tall, native to the region of Monte Grosso (Paraguay / Brazil), where it grows in a tropical climate. In our region stevia loses its leaves during the winter and sprouts again in spring. In late summer, … Continue reading

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Shanti Som – Living the best life

Continuing our series on wholesome food from the Shanti Som kitchen we dropped in one evening to try the menu by their talented new chef Gemma Hammond. Shanti Som opened its doors as a boutique hotel, spa and detox centre in the picturesque woods near Monda last summer, and has been building a reputation as a great place to go for meals, therapies, weekend breaks and detox retreats over the past few months. We also asked founder Kezia Jacobsen for some tips on good living … Continue reading

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Alternative Malaga: E-natural

In this edition we talk to Francy from E-natural on his new project, an eco-store in Avenida Moliere.

La Chispa: What was the inspiration to open e-natural?
Francy: the ability to share my experience of going from a life of excess to a healthy life fully conscious of the environment around me.

La Chispa: What is the concept of the store?
Francy: E-natural opened four months ago as a new concept for Holistic Therapies and Ecocentre where you can find a variety of activities, courses, workshops and therapies, to … Continue reading

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Vegetarian: a healthy lifesyle

More and more people are turning vegetarian, but anyone who is or is considering becoming vegetarian should bear in mind several important points to maintain a healthy diet. Here we offer a selection of top tips for stocking up on some healthy vegetarian ingredients supplied by Vanda Laktos of Herboristeria Biocasa in Fuengirola, who invites readers to join in on one of her vegetarian cooking courses.

QUINOA: is usually considered to be a whole grain. It is actually a seed, but can be prepared like … Continue reading

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