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Sept 14: Jornada GaiaSpirit

Se celebra en Anayansi, La Muela de Vejer, Cádiz de 12h hasta las 23h aprox.

Llega un poco antes para que no te pierdas las primeras actividades. Las puertas abren a las 11h. La asistencia al evento es con aportación libre y responsable: sugerimos entre 3 y 10 euros, según tu bolsillo. No se reserva entradas anticipadas, y el aforo, lógicamente, está limitado, sobre todo de parking.

Han intentado atrapar el sabor del Festival GaiaSpirit (2011), con la sencillez suficiente para concentrarlo en un sólo … Continue reading

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Harmony Zone

Urbanización El Rosario, Calle Los Olivos nº 300 Marbella
Tel: 951 310 756
Mob: 622 11 53 30
Email: harmonyzone@ymail.com

Your mind will survive at any cost

If you are not in the right place in life you need to make some changes. The mind, however, is a mechanism of protection, it doesn’t like change, always seeking comfort and security, its role is to help you survive and protect you from harm. It is not programmed to help you succeed in life and be happy.

Why don’t people get what they want? Because they don’t know what they want, and even if they do, they often don’t know how to get it. … Continue reading

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New diploma courses at Naturaclass

Have you ever been curious about massage, body treatment or beauty therapy, whether for personal use or as a step into the professional world of beauty and well being? Naturaclass has been training students for over nine years and keep introducing new training programs that offer ever higher learning standards with more flexibility and lower costs.

Take for example their holistic or sport massage courses. The new course structure includes basic body massage which provides a routine and basic knowledge with an option to continue towards … Continue reading

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Spirit of Yoga: Classical yoga training

Spirit of Yoga offers quality in-depth Yoga teacher training programmes in classical yoga from India. Based in the Velez-Malaga area, Yogashala is an oasis of peace that honours the principle of yoga – “simple living and high thinking”. The teacher programmes are certified with the Yoga Alliance International and the Yoga Alliance International Europe, a prestigious organization founded by Swami Vidyanand, and highly respected throughout India, America and Europe. Whilst the programme is a professional training that equips students to be qualified yoga teachers, it … Continue reading

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Fluxus: Wellbeing through movement

Among the different activities offered at Fluxus, those that can be described as psycho-physical play a fundamental role in their vision of using movement as a path to wellbeing. Training and practice are combined in a diverse range of disciplines related to personal growth through physical and mental activity. Yoga, Taijiquan (Tai Chi), Qigong (Chi Kung) and Pilates are some of the ongoing classes available, and the courses are developed throughout the year to build the student’s knowledge and skill. Specialist seminars and intensive courses … Continue reading

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Live for today

Today is the day I will begin again;
Today is like no other day because I no longer dwell in the past; I no longer project myself into a future I don’t have. Today is the day I will begin again.

Many times I have been confused and perhaps even lost my way for an instant, yet today there is a difference within me. Today is the only day I have. I no longer look back to know who it is I am. … Continue reading

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Create a Space!

Create a space in your mind, in your day, in your home or in your office. How many people live in cluttered space and wonder why they have endless chaos and turbulence in their life? Using simple principles of feng shui that can be found on the internet on sites like www.fengshuiprophet.com, you can find out how to keep the natural elements in harmony in your home or office. People with financial issues often have the south east area of their home in disorder. … Continue reading

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Live Your Best Life

Living your best life starts with being your best self – feeling good, looking good and finding a sense of balance and purpose. Only you are responsible for your happiness, only you can control your thoughts and actions. Learn from mistakes, look at what happened, how did it happen, how did you feel and what happened after – did you repeat the mistake, or did you learn the lesson? Modify your behaviour – thoughts, words, and action, can all be changed for a more peaceful … Continue reading

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