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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology, per definition is a holistic treatment. This means that reflexology has the intention of treating not only the physical body, but also the mind and the spirit. The combination of these 3 elements make a person who they really are. What makes a person tick? Their opinions, desires, fears, experiences, and every building block which makes this person act and react in the way they do, creates THIS person. For example, when you are coming up with a cold (physical), it will have an … Continue reading

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Healing Symptoms

Symptoms are a nuisance, undesired and unwanted. So it is understandably there is a natural desire and reaction to want to be rid of them. However assume for a moment that symptoms are a good thing. Suppose they are messages from your body that actually aid to restore and maintain health.

There is a process called homeostasis by which the body looks to maintain a stable internal environment. This is essential in order to stay alive. An obvious example of homeostasis is sweating and shivering to … Continue reading

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Diego Escaño in Málaga

Diego Escaño was born in Tucuman, Argentina. He began his Oriental studies in 2000, practicing internal and external martial arts. Travelling and training in various disciplines such as herbal medicine, numerology, enneagram, body language, leadership, alchemy and the fourth way extended his knowledge and later he studied astrology in Capilla del Monte (Cuba) attending lectures, courses and seminars. In 2004 he participated in the National Congress of Astrology, and in 2007 lived in Italy with a spiritual master, who instructed him in Nutrition, Taoist Meditation … Continue reading

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Biodynamic craneo sacral therapy

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is a healing technique that puts us in direct contact with the ‘breath of life’, the life force that pervades the body known as Prana or Chi in other cultures. Dr. William Garner Sutherland, an osteopath, became inspired when he observed the bones of the skull, and came up with the theory that they were designed to allow for the movement of breathing. (He referred to the primary breathing motion, and not pulmonary respiration). Over many years Dr. Sutherland worked to shape … Continue reading

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Oct 6: Iniciación al masaje shiatsu

Fecha: sábado, 6 de octubre.
Horario: de 10’00 h a 14´00 h y de 16 a 20 h.
Aportación: 85.€
Reserva de plazas en:
Centro de Yoga Milarepa.
c/Ramos Marín, nº 2-4º-C

Telf.: 952 604 241 – blogs: centrodeyogamilarepamalaga.blogspot.com

Terapeuta: Juana Flores.
Curso de iniciación al masaje shiatsu (Namikoshi) una manera prática de establecer contacto con nuestro cuerpo y su energía, ampliando nuestro concepto de salud. Principios y ejercicios para la aplicación del shiatsu. Aplicación de diferentes técnicas de formas de presión. Masaje shiatsu sobre todo el cuerpo, puntos y canales energéticos.

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Naturopathy: the power of simplicity II

Javier Malfitani

As I explained in my last article, Indian naturopathy is a medical practice that has been used in the East for hundreds of years to prevent and alleviate many symptoms of chronic and acute diseases.

Its fundamental premise is that we are exposed to multiple toxins from our environment, what we ingest, both food and medicine, as well as emotional and other factors that lead a person to reach high levels of toxicity.

This toxicity has various effects. One of them is low levels of nutrition. This … Continue reading

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5 Element Acupuncture: natural fertility

5 element acupuncture

Although the majority of women get pregnant easily, almost one in every six couples in Spain have problems conceiving and more and more people resort to assisted reproduction, with IVF becoming increasingly common. Although these treatments can be a godsend to some people, procedures such as IVF are both stressful and expensive with a success rate averaging 25%. So what is the alternative?

Women in China have used acupuncture for centuries to help with hormonal imbalance and promote fertility. Today in the West it is … Continue reading

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Naturaclass – the next step


Naturaclass, the Academy for complementary therapies based in Fuengirola, has been going through some changes recently. Reflecting the growing success of the academy and the other businesses under the Naturaclass name, owner Alon Meshel has finally handed over the daily running of the academy to Francy Vantomme, so that he can concentrate on other aspects of the expanding business. Francy takes over the managing of the academy having worked her way up from student to massage therapist to teacher and finally to manager in just … Continue reading

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On the right road to recovery

Camino Recovery

The Camino Recovery Centre is an intimate and homely eight bedroom facility on the Costa del Sol which specialises in the treatment of all kinds of addiction like alcohol, drugs, food, gambling or sex. They treat addictions as well as conditions that are associated with them such as trauma, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, grief and loss. The centre offers a 30 day residential treatment plan based on the Minnesota model 12-Step approach and includes medically supervised detox, counseling, group work and a unique equine assisted … Continue reading

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Quality of Life: The Energy Factory – the flow of Life part I

Breathe your cells to Vitality

In this edition our health detectives take a deep breath and look at how our breathing influences the energy factory in our cells.

One of our main requirements is getting fresh air into our lungs and to every cell in the body, because energy production in our cells is dependent on oxygen. A babbling brook in the spring forest is clear and clean and is full of oxygen, but deeper in the forest, where the tree branches prevent light reaching the forest … Continue reading

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